Reading Tea Leaves

The art of tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography, has a fascinating history. This type of divination has been associated with various cultures, arising separately from Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece. Eastern European, Scottish and Irish cultures have also taken part in the art form.

How to read leaves:

  1. Make tea in a lightly coloured cup, using loose tea and no strainer.
  2. While the tea is steeping, have the subject hold the cup while focusing on his or her thoughts.
  3. Have the subject of the reading drink the tea when it is warm, not hot, leaving the leaves and a small amount of water in the teacup.
  4. The reader then swirls the cup around, leaving the tea leaves sticking to the sides of the cup.
  5. Place the cup upside down onto a napkin, after a few minutes return it upright.
  6. Symbols can then be interpreted by the reader. Try it out on yourself or a friend!

Check out this YouTube video for some more information and details!

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