About the Tea Lover

I have many passions in life, and one of my greatest is that for tea.

Tea is my cup of life – my pleasure, my enjoyment.

Since I have discovered the world of tea, I have been fascinated by it all – from the history, to the many varieties, and especially the taste itself. To me, drinking a cup of tea is not nearly as simple as that, as it is not just another drink. When an individual drinks a cup of tea, they are drinking into years of embedded history and culture, alongside the endless list of health benefits. To drink tea is to engage in a way of life.

I am a history nut at heart, and drinking a cup of tea allows me to share a drink that has been enjoyed over centuries.

There is an entire world of tea that many have not discovered. I wish to share this world with others, those who have already found it and those who have not. While the North American, and specifically Canadian, consumption and awareness of tea is growing – I want to be a part of the further expansion of the industry and play a role in creating appreciation for those who are unaware of what tea has to offer.

I hope this blog can aid in my goals of bringing appreciation to many who have not yet discovered the way of tea, as well as bring further admiration to those who already enjoy tea.

This is the art of tea, a way of life, new beginnings. Stay for a while and sip a cup of tea. Enjoy.

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