Posted by: Lauren | November 7, 2021

The Tea Time Shop

A little bit of everything in this post, from green rooibos to black tea. The Tea Time Shop sent me 5 teas to sample and I loved all of them! The Tea Time Shop has been around since 2017 and is a family owned and operated online tea company, your one stop shop for all things tea.

I love the variety of teas offered by The Tea Time Shop and thoroughly enjoyed sampling a little bit of everything.

First up is Green Safari Rooibos Tea. I love rooibos blends, but what makes this one extra special is the addition of honeybush. Honeybush is another herbal plant variety that comes from South Africa. This herbal blend/tisane is deliciously fruity with hints of sweet and floral honeybush.

Green Safari Rooibos

Next up is Russian Caravan Smokey Tea. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this tea, but it blew me away. This blend of India and China smoked tea steeps a medium, slightly smoky cup. As the website describes, “this has just the right amount of smokiness” and I totally agree. It’s a perfect black tea with a hint of smoky that lends to a perfectly well-rounded tasting cup of tea.

Russian Caravan Smokey Tea

Pumpkin Creme Green Tea is next. This tea smells incredible – like all your favourite pumpkin desserts in one, with none of the calories. Seriously, I could steep this all day just for the smell. And yes, it tastes as good as it smells. The creaminess from the vanilla coupled with the pumpkin makes this a perfect cuppa. 

Pumpkin Creme Green Tea
Pumpkin Creme Green Tea

Milk Oolong will always be one of my favourite teas. First of all, just look at those beautiful leaves. I adore the light, creamy, sweet taste of Milk Oolong. The Milk Oolong offered by The Tea Time Shop is great. It is manufactured by naturally processing tea leaves during a sudden change in temperature at harvest time. So that flavour you might taste of shortbread cookies? All natural, delicious and absolutely fascinating. 

Milk Oolong
Milk Oolong Steeped
Milk Oolong

Last, but not least, is White Melon Tea. The honeydew and melon flavour of this beautiful white tea is apparent. The delicate taste is delicious, perfect for a soothing afternoon cup of tea.

White Melon Tea
White Melon Tea

Definitely take a look at the accessories and teaware while you are shopping for a nice range of cozies, teacups, pots and more.

I hope that you will try out The Tea Time Shop! As stated on the website, “We provide exceptional customer service and we promise that every order is packed with TLC (Tea Loving Care)”. I can confirm this is definitely true. Currently, the shop only ships within the United States. For any of my U.S. followers out there, I am excited to offer an exclusive promo code for your first order. STEEP15 will save you 15% off your first order in the U.S.

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