Posted by: Lauren | October 20, 2020

Dollar Tea Club Subscription

Last year I took a look at Dollar Tea Club. Dollar Tea Club is a Canadian subscription tea company that ships to Canada and the US. Every month, you receive a package of new tea – starting from $1 plus shipping ($4.50 – so $5.50 total) based on the plan of your choosing. This fall, I sampled some more blends from Dollar Tea Club. In my pack, I received Japanese Genmaicha, Earl Grey, Berry Merlot, Ginger Peach and Cool Cucumber.

The details on the packaging are really great – the ingredients, time and temperature brewing details are all included. I also love the extra details included on each package – the images and fun facts.

I am a fan of all of the blends that I tried! Genmaicha is always a go to of mine, and I love finding the popped rice in the tea. Berry Merlot is rich in flavour for a surprisingly intense, tart taste. Cucumber is also a favourite ingredient of mine – and I loved finding it in Cool Cucumber, which is also tasty iced.


The team at Dollar Tea Club has also introduced an online Tea Timer! A fantastic way to help brew your tea. If you’re like me, I often forget about my tea until it’s too late. Oversteeped or too cold to enjoy. This is a great tool to help avoid those accidents and to make sure you get the perfect cup!

If you’re looking for some fun subscription mail and want to try some tasty new tea blends, check out Dollar Tea Club! Don’t want to make the commitment? You can also shop without a subscription.

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