Posted by: Lauren | June 12, 2015

Four O’Clock Summer Teas

My poor neglected blog has been looking for some inspiration, and I finally have some! I received some wonderful Four O’Clock tea samples from Trans-Herbe, just in time for summer. The summer 2015 flavours include: Rooibos Pineapple Coconut, Cucumber Mint Green Tea, Fruit Sangria Herbal Tea, Orange Sorbet Herbal Tea, Strawberry Daiquiri Herbal Tea and Pink Lemonade Herbal Tea. While I usually talk about loose leaf teas, these tea bags were quite great. The first thing that caught my eye was the amazing artwork on the bag – which was created by Montreal artist Bruce Roberts.


These teas are great cold, hot and of course, in cocktails. Trans-Herbe has provided me with some wonderful cocktail recipes as well that are inspired by mixologists Marc-André Fillion and Lawrence Picard, check out the recipes here. So far I have experimented with the Green Spirit and Sangria – both which were delicious.

The Cucumber Mint Green Tea is amazing. I tried it both hot and cold, and it’s great each way. The first thing I thought when I took a sip was how juicy it tasted. I’ve never really used the word juicy for a tea – but this one definitely was! It also made a great cocktail – the Green Spirit was an extremely refreshing summer drink that I can’t wait to keep making again and again. This is definitely a guest impressing beverage.


The Fruit Sangria Herbal Tea was a little bit on the tart side, but added super flavours to the Sangria Cocktail I put together. I only had unsweetened cranberry juice on hand, so my cocktail was a little too tart – but with some sweetened cranberry juice this cocktail is golden. The herbal tea in the Sangria adds a lot of depth to the cocktail.


I also iced the Pink Lemonade Herbal Tea. This one was also quite tart (which I actually really enjoy), and perfect in a cold form. Some sweetener would definitely make this a much better alternative to the extreme sugary lemonades you can buy in stores.


More to come as I keep experimenting with some cocktail recipes!

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