Posted by: Lauren | September 3, 2013

Some new teas!

For my birthday, two of my friends picked me up some lovely tea at the Evergreen Brick Works market in Toronto. The packaging and tea itself is so pretty that it was almost too nice to steep (almost). Look how lovely it looks!


The Tea Party herbal blend is particularly lovely and mellow (this is the type in the mug). This one is made of sumac, red clover and elder flowers. Check out Honey Pie Hives and Herbals for a full selection of teas and the other neat products sold by the company, such as soap, lip balm and lotions.

I also got some Lychee Oolong from Ten Ren Tea and it is SO good! It’s a beautiful oolong with the delicious flavour of lychee and flower. This is a great flavour enhancement for an oolong, which I highly recommend.




  1. I would love to try that oolong

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