Posted by: Lauren | January 23, 2013

Fun things in the world of tea

January is National Hot Tea month and I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of social media surrounding tea and resolutions for the new year. I agree that tea is a great way to start the year off right with a great health kick. I’ve also come across some fun other ways to get a tea fix. Check out some of these neat things I’ve stumbled across recently.

My mom picked up a teacup puzzle, which was really fun to work on (and a challenge!). Coincidentally my friend Amber over at Words Become Superfluous was working on the same puzzle at the same time.

Teacup puzzle!

And, check out these teacup cupcake molds I came across at the National Gallery gift shop in Ottawa, ON. So cute! Can’t wait to buy these and try them out for myself. The bonus is they’re reusable, but only 3 people can be invited to the tea party I have when I make them! (Both products are available on Amazon).


And of course, next week is the Toronto Tea Festival, which I’m extremely excited about. A festival I can finally (and conveniently) get to. I can’t wait to hear the awesome talks that are scheduled, especially the ones on cocktail mixology and cooking, and to try out some new teas!

A little late, but happy 2013 everyone! Here’s to another year in the wonderful world of tea!


  1. I didn’t know that January was hot tea month! That’s awesome! Plus it’s the perfect way to warm things up around here, it’s FREEZING today!

    • Yes, today is definitely the day to be drinking tea! But hot tea month in January does not make me feel better about the freezing temperatures!!!

  2. Is there a good website with meal recipes which include tea?

  3. Where can we get that teacup puzzle!?

  4. The teacup puzzle design is so gorgeous~! I’d love a fancy tea cup like that! Right now I drink out of a Starbucks tumbler XD

    • Agreed! My mug of the day totally has Winnie the Pooh on it 😀

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