Posted by: Lauren | November 8, 2012

Jumpy Monkey!

So I visited my sister out in Guelph, Ontario a few weeks ago, and to my pleasant surprise there is now a David’s Tea at Stone Road Mall! Obviously, one of my goals is to get everyone as “addicted” to tea as I am, so I made her pick out a flavour for herself. (It’s taken me quite some time to explain to her that tea doesn’t just taste like water). Anyways, she’s a student. So she wanted CAFFEINE. And she got some Jumpy Monkey. I had a taste, and it’s super yummy!

Jumpy Monkey is a maté blend, featuring coffee beans, white chocolate, and almonds. How could you go wrong? And an added bonus? David’s Tea just released that they will be including free colour tins with a purchase of 100 grams.

And really, don’t you really just want a tea called Jumpy Monkey?!



  1. I really wanted to get Jumpy Monkey last time I was at a David’s Tea….looks like I might have to visit again soon to try it!

    • You can never have too much tea!!!

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