Posted by: Lauren | December 1, 2009

Green Rooibos

So I finally got around to trying green rooibos and it absolutely amazingly delicious! The green rooibos has a more malty taste, which I actually prefer to the flavour of red rooibos. Both come from the same plant, however green rooibos is the unoxidized version of the plant. Green rooibos is also loaded with extra antioxidants as well, so you definitely can’t go wrong!

For a flavoured green tea, a great start is the Creme Brulee from DavidsTEA. This tea has a naturally sweet taste for all those sweet tooths out there. Check it out here:


  1. Yum, this sounds so good! Do these guys create their own teas? Like they mix different herbs together or something? I don’t really get how all these creative teas come to exist. I want to try though! I am currently drinking red rooibos right now. Seems boring in comparison!

  2. Yep, different companies either blend their own or import them from companies that do. So they’ll take the basic tea (or rooibos) and add things (like chunks of caramel) to them. Then you get either plain tea/herbals or flavoured ones if anything is added. For example, I bought Tiramisu Rooibos the other day and they had added chocolate and coffee beans to it. (So delicious and none of the calories!).

    I’ll bring some for you to try next time I see you. If you’re on Queen St anytime soon check out DavidsTEA and smell all the delicious flavours!

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