Posted by: Lauren | September 29, 2009

I am a Tea Snob

Don’t get me wrong – I’m by no means a snob in “real life” (I swear). But, when it comes to tea, things have changed for me.

Let me tell you how I made this discovery…

The last two nights I was at dinner at the houses of two separate families, both of whom decided to make the same tea (some sort of standard marketed black tea – which is commonly referred to as “Orange Pekoe”). [Please refer here for my explanation on why Orange Pekoe is not a tea].

After a sip of this undistinguished Black tea, I knew I had entered the days of becoming a tea snob. This was the first cup of tea I have had in a very long time that I could not finish. There was just no flavour to it. Then it hit me why a lot of people do not like tea – they just have never enjoyed a real cup of tea. If myself, a tea lover, could not even force down this cup of tea, how can others who do not like tea even force down a sip?

Please note I’m not saying that everyone is meant to love all types of tea. Even in the world of loose leaf teas, there are types that I will not touch, for I do not enjoy them. However, this particular black tea was, without a doubt, quite bland.

My father was at the first of these two meals, he too is a lover of tea. I whispered to him that I couldn’t drink this, to which he responded “You are a tea snob.” At first I would not believe this comment. But then dinner “night two” came around, with the same tea, and my same pouting face when I realized yet again I would not be able to finish a cup of tea! Everyone always assumes I would love to join in a cup of tea, which usually I would agree upon. This has changed since last night. I can no longer just share in any cup of tea, for I have entered the world of tea snob.

I’ve decided this is nothing to feel guilty about. It’s just time that these people who have not discovered the world of delicious tea be introduced to them. Then perhaps they will join in the darkside of tea snob… (Where all tea is fantastic and wonderful, and each cup will always be finished).

(*Message to readers – if you happen to stumble upon this as one of my lovely hosts, please note that it is not your fault about the tea!! Just talk to me and I will introduce you to the wonderful world of tea snob!)


  1. Lauren… Here’s a way to avoid average tea at dinner parties. You should bring tea as a hostess gift. That way, they will have something they can serve, while appreciating nice tea. It’s kind of like bringing a nice bottle of wine to dinner when you know they only like sweet wine.

  2. Hey, you’re knocking our tea! BTW, did you know it’s pronounced orange peck-o and not peek-o? Someone once told me that 😉

    I agree with the idea to bring tea when you come to people’s houses so you don’t have to be forced to drink our peasant tea. You should give little tea seminars!

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